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The MiGen project is tackling a thorny problem that confronts all teachers of mathematics:

What is algebra for?

* How is it useful for expressing generalisations?

* What does it mean to generalise in mathematics?

We are building a pedagogical and technical environment to support 11-14 year-old students' learning of mathematical generalisations. The system comprises a microworld, the eXpresser and two intelligent tools, the eGeneraliser and the eCollaborator. When students are tackling generalisation tasks, the eGeneraliser will be providing personalised feedback adapted to the learning trajectories of each student. Through the eCollaborator, students will be able to view each others' constructions and compare, critique and discuss them. Both intelligent tools will send information to teachers to help them provide appropriate guidance.

Our research team of social, educational and computer scientists, together with teachers and teacher educators are co-designing the system and iteratively testing it with students.