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Recent successful PhD students in the Department

Mirko Dimartino 2020
Integrating and Querying Linked Data Sets Through Ontological Rules

Muawya Eldaw 2019
Analytics of Human Presence and Movement Behaviour Within Specific Environments

Thidawan Klaysri 2019
Analysis of Category Co-occurrence in Wikipedia Networks

Igor Volzhanin 2019
Impact of Feedback Loops on Decision-Making

Andrius Mudinas 2019
Adaptive Sentiment Analysis

Marcus Poulton 2019
Modelling Blue-Light Ambulance Mobility in the London Metropolitan Area

Suneel Kingrani 2019
Empirical Analysis of Diversity in the Web

Riccardo Frosini 2017
Flexible Query Processing of SPARQL Queries

Petra Selmer 2017
Flexible Querying of Graph-Structured Data

William Williams 2017
A Novel Multispectral and 2.5D/3D Image Fusion Camera System for Enhanced Face Recognition

Godfried Adaba 2017
How National Culture Affects Strategic Alignment: An Exploratory Grounded Theory Investigation of Subsidiaries of Global Telecommunications Companies in Ghana

Maitrei Kohli 2017
Evolving Neural Networks Using Behavioural Genetic Principles

Martyn Harris 2016
The Anatomy of a Search and Mining System for Digital Humanities - Search And Mining Tools for Language Archives (SAMTLA)

Martin O'Shea 2016
A series of case studies to enhance the social utility of RSS

Natraj Raman 2016
Action Recognition in Depth Videos using Nonparametric Probabilistic Graphical Models

Khaled Alyoubi 2016
Database Query Optimisation Based on Measures of Regret

Ashley McNeile, 2016
Protocol Modelling - Synchronous Composition of Data and Behaviour

Mohammad Jaber, 2015
Detecting Hierarchical Relationships and Roles from Online Interaction Networks

Areej Alasiry, 2015
Named Entity Recognition and Classification in Search Queries

Long Chen, 2014
Understanding and Exploiting User Intent in Community Question Answering

Peng Du, 2014
Spectrum-aware Adaptive Communication for the Internet of Things

Michael Farmer, 2014
Computing the Zeros of Polynomials using the Divide and Conquer Approach

Manizheh Montazerian, 2014
XPath Query Satisfiability and Containment under DTD Constraints

Jianing Wang, 2012
A Framework and Architecture for Quality Assessment in Data Integration

Tony Lewis, 2011
Accelerating Genetic Programming Using Graphics Processing Units

Mihaela Cocea, 2011
User Modelling and Adaptation in Exploratory Learning

Michael Zoumboulakis, 2011
Pattern Matching and Detection in Extremely Resource Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks

Zheng Zhu, 2011
Improving Search Engines via Classification

Renato Cordeiro de Amorim, 2011
Learning feature weights for K-Means clustering using the Minkowski metric

Chun-Cheng Peng, 2010
Deterministic nonmonotone training of recurrent neural networks and applications using symbolic sequence data

Ming-Tso Chiang, 2009
Intelligent K-Means Clustering in L2 and L1 Versions: Experimentation and Application

Luca Vetti-Tagliati, 2009
Software Evolution using Requirements Patterns

Lucas Zamboulis, 2009
XML Data Transformation and Integration - A Schema Transformation Approach

Marie-Helene Nienaltowski (nee Ng Cheong Vee), 2009
Automated tutoring for novices in object-oriented programming

Brian Gannon, 2009
Globalisation in information technology: The impact of IS offshoring

Zacharias N. Voulgaris, 2009
Discernibility Concept in Classification Problems

Meera Khurana, 2009
Semantic Inequivalence: A Link Between Knowledge Discovery and Query Optimisation (MPhil)

Paul Trevor Daniel, 2009
Cohabitation of Programmable Parametric Graphics Modelling and Design Analysis

Paul Brown, 2008
On the Maximum Number of Common Cards between Various Classes of Graphs

Rajaa Najjar, 2008
An Empirical Study on Encapsulation and Refactoring in the Object-Oriented Paradigm

Dean Williams, 2008
Combining Data Integration and Information Extraction

Changsu Kim, 2008
The Adoption of Ubiquitous Computing in Supply Chain Management (MPhil)

Rajesh Pampapathi, 2008
Annotated Suffix Trees for Text Modelling and Classification

Robert Stanforth, 2008
Extending K-Means Clustering for Analysis of Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships (QSAR)

David Hardcastle, 2007
Riddle posed by computer (6) : The Computer Generation of Cryptic Crossword Clues

Jennifer Pedler, 2007
Computer Correction of Real-word Spelling Errors in Dyslexic Text

George Papamarkos, 2007
Event-Condition-Action Rule Languages over Semistructured Data

Dacheng Tao, 2007
Discriminative Linear and Multilinear Subspace Methods

Hideyuki Matsumoto, 2007
Cross-Cultural Comparison of Global Strategic Information Systems Management in the Multinational Investment Banking Industry

Gaye Banfield, 2006
Simulation of Self-Control through Precommitment Behaviour in an Evolutionary System

Aristoklis Anastasiadis, 2006
Neural Network Training and Applications using biological data

Hao Fan, 2005
Investigating a Heterogeneous Data Integration Approach to Data Warehousing

Youssef Hassoun, 2005
Coupling, Code Reuse and Open Implementation in Reflective Systems

Mathew Smith, 2004
Enhancing Database Interface Support for Link Analysis

Edward Chi-Man Cheng, 2004
An Organization Model to Support Dynamic Cooperative Work and Workflow

Georgia Garani, 2004
A temporal database model using nested relations

Tim Hackworth, 2004
A GA-based approach to arms races

Richard Wheeldon, 2003
A Web of trails

Ito Wasito, 2003
Least squares algorithms with nearest neighbour techniques for imputing missing data values

Stephen Swift, 2002
The modelling of short high-dimensional multivariate time series

Steve Counsell, 2002
On the fidelity of software

Jason Crampton, 2002
Authorization and antichains

Gongxian Cheng, 2002
Outlier management in intelligent data analysis

Allan Tucker, 2001
The automatic explanation of multivariate time series