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Mathematics for Computing

Short name: MFC
SITS code: COIY040H4
Credits: 15
Level: 4
Module leader: Oded Lachish
Lecturer(s): Oded Lachish, Paul Newman
Online material:

Module outline

This module covers the fundamentals of mathematics commonly applied to computing. It aims to introduce the basic elements of discrete mathematics that provide a foundation for the understanding of algorithms and data structures used in computer science.


On successful completion of this course you will:

  • Be competent with the basic elements of discrete mathematics
  • Be familiar with algorithms
  • Have an understanding of the data structures used in computer science

Timetables, locations and term dates

Programme specific timetables are listed in the handbooks available for each programme. Please consult the relevant programme page.

Enrolled students can find their personal teaching timetable and the location of classes on their My Birkbeck profile.


Coursework (30%) One two hour written examination (70%).

Recommended reading

Lipshutz, S, Schaum's Outline Essential Computer Mathematics