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Mobile Application Development

Short name: MAD
SITS code: BUCI044H5
Credits: 15 credits
Level: 5

Module outline

This module utilizes HTML 5, CSS 3 and jQuery Mobile to help you design and implement robust, standards-compliant mobile web applications. It starts by exploring the complexity of the mobile ecosystem, attempting to make sense of the wide range of devices, platforms and mobile web browsers in current use. It then looks at the specificities of mobile devices in terms of hardware and interactive capabilities (e.g. screen size, dual screen orientation, input channels, etc.). The main part of the mobile focuses on jQuery Mobile, HTML 5 and CSS 3, looking at how together they can provide a means of creating mobile web applications which can be deployed to create effective solutions, regardless of device type, platform, or browser.


  • To understand the process by which mobile web applications are conceived, developed.
  • To design and build mobile web applications, using open web technologies and development approaches that conform to current web standards.
  • To exploit suitable strategies and tools for mobile application development and testing.


  • Mobile Devices and Mobile Apps: (1) Mobile devices (2) Mobile applications (3) Mobile app development. (4) Complexity (5) Cross-platform solutions: HTML5 & JQuery Mobile.
  • Mobile Application Design: (1) Information architecture (2) Design
  • The JQuery Mobile Framework: (1) JQM (2) JQM technologies: HTML 5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript. (3) Platform and browser compatibility (4) Emulators and simulators (5) Getting and using JQM (6) JQuery pages. (7) JQuery and Ajax
  • Mobile Navigation: (1) Links (2) Transitions (3) Toolbars (4) Listviews (5) Panels
  • JQuery Mobile - HTML 5 Enhancements: (1) Basic device Integration (2) Using Geolocation API (3) JQuery Programming
  • JQuery Mobile Forms and Local Storage: (1) Forms (2) Local Storage API (3) JQuery Programming (4) JSON
  • JQuery Mobile Events: (1) JQuery Mobile Events (2) Data driven applications


  • Introduction to Web Authoring, Advanced Web Authoring or equivalent.
  • JavaScript.


All dates and timetables are listed in the programme handbooks of individual programmes.