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MSc Advanced Computing Technologies Project

Short name:
SITS code: BUCI035D7
Credits: 60
Level: 7
Module leader: Igor Razgon


Each student is required to undertake an individual project, under the supervision of a staff member, which should represent one-third of the student’s effort for the degree (60 credits).

The main aims of the project are to offer students the opportunity to:

  • develop a systematic understanding and critical awareness of an agreed problem relevant to the MSc programme as described in a project proposal form
  • plan and execute a major piece of programming work appropriate to the MSc programme
  • critically present existing approaches in the problem area, place their own approach in the wider area and evaluate their contribution
  • gain experience in communicating complex ideas/concepts and approaches/techniques to others by writing a comprehensive, self-contained report.

Choosing a Project

Students are encouraged to come up with their own ideas for projects. In order to arrange supervision for the project, a student should discuss possible projects with the Projects Tutor, Programme Director or with the lecturer who seems the most appropriate for the topic.

The project must relate to one or more modules on the MSc programme. Additional requirements depend on the particular MSc Programme.

  • For the MSc in Advanced Computing Technologies, MSc in Data Analytics and MSc in Information and Web Technologies, the project should build on advanced topics in computing technologies in order to develop a system and/or algorithms whose design is by no means obvious at the outset of the project.
  • For the MSc in Data Analytics, the project should have a main focus in the area of data analytics.
  • For the MSc in Information and Web Technologies, the project should have a main focus in the area of information and web technologies.


The main part of the project will be done by students on their own (supported by the supervisor). There is a small taught part of the module in which the students are acquainted with

  • how to formulate the objectives/aims of an MSc project
  • how to write a project proposal
  • how to organise and plan the project
  • how to research literature
  • how to write a project report


Indicative timetables can be found in the handbooks available on programme pages. Personalised teaching timetables for students are available via My Birkbeck.


Written project proposal (of about 2000-3000 words) and written project report (of about 10,000 words), weighting 20% and 80%, respectively.

Recommended reading

As recommended by the supervisor.