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Systems Analysis and Design II

Short name: SAD2
SITS code: COIY019H5
Credits: 15
Level: 5
Module leader: Andrea Calì
Lecturer(s): Andrea Calì
Online material:

Module outline

This module serves as a link between the modules taught by management and those taught in the DCSIS by treating technical subjects from an organisational perspective.


On completion of this course a student will:

  • Understand the need and processes of factoring systems into architectures and layers.
  • be able to Normalise Data Structures to the third Normal Form.
  • know how to design classes for an object oriented systems.
  • know to use a Statechart to define object and class behaviour.
  • be able to express detailed process logic in multiple forms e.g Structured English, Decision Tables, etc.
  • be able to develop PERT and GANNT charts and explain the organisational issues surrounding project management.
  • understand the form use and purpose of middleware in modern organisations and be and be able to make appropriate decisions about its evaluation and deployment.
  • have an insight into the meaning of Knowledge Management in modern organisations.


  • Architectures and Layers. Normalisation.
  • Object Design.
  • Detailed Process Design.
  • Software Testing.
  • Quality Management.
  • Project Management Techniques.
  • Managing Projects.
  • Prototyping.
  • Performance, Measurement & Evaluation.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis.
  • Human-Computer Interaction.


Systems Analysis and Design I


All dates and timetables are listed in programme handbooks, found in the downloads section of individual programme pages.

Enrolled students can find their personal teaching timetable and location of classes on their My Birkbeck profile.


Two in-class tests


75% examination and 25% in-class tests

Recommended reading

Bennet S, McRobb S & Farmer R (2006): Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design using UML, 3/e, McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0077110005.