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Timothy Csaky

IT Applications Programme

Employers seemed impressed by the fact that I studied part-time

Tim Csaky worked in various boring office admin jobs before pursuing a long-held interest in television and the media. He realised that with advent of the Internet, and convergence of digital media, knowledge of web development and design was going to be an essential, sought after skill. Tim heard reports from his friends who were going to Birkbeck about the good level of the teaching and also its reputation for being the best. He chose to study the Diploma in Web-enabled Databases. The programme gave him "technical know-how and confidence with IT applications" which have led him to a better place in his career. Tim says that "Employers also seemed impressed by the fact that he studied part-time, implying an extra level of commitment and ambition. Being able to put distinction on my cv has been helpful". The 24hr access to the computing facilities was especially useful for him as he was working part time during some of the course. He also enjoyed the social side and facilities of the campus shared by UL and SOAS. The academic atmosphere of Bloomsbury helped him to focus on studying. When asked about the parts of the course which were particular enjoyable or useful Tim said: "Being taught modern technologies by passionate tutors was most useful. I particularly benefited from the open source database modules, as well as the Internet and website communications and XML modules. IT professionals have common sense, this helped them to run an efficient school. They were also very helpful."