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BSc in Computing

Develop knowledge, technical skills and self-directed learning skills in computing, especially in areas affected by rapidly changing information technology. Greater emphasis on computing than the general and change management skills found in the BSc ISM below. Enables students with appropriate qualifications to enter directly into year 3 and thereby obtain the BSc after two years of part time study.

BSc in Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship (Software Engineering)

The BSc Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship is designed to develop graduate-level software engineers through a combination of work-based training and academic learning. The programme delivers the UK Government Apprenticeship Standard for Digital and Technology Solutions Professionals. The Programme has Tech Industry Gold Accreditation.

BSc in Information Systems and Management

Equips students with the skills and knowledge to apply information systems to the problems encountered in management. Covers the design, implementation and operations of information systems together with the practice and theory of management.

FdSc in Computing/Information Technology/Web Development

The Foundation Degree Computing/Information Technology/Web Development aims to develop the knowledge, technical and transferable skills needed by those working in, or seeking to work in, areas related to Computing, Information Technology or Web Development.

CertHE in Information Technology

This programme aims to develop knowledge, technical skills and expertise in areas affected by rapidly changing information, communication and web technologies.

CertHE in Web Design Technologies

This specialised programme gives a solid grounding in multimedia and web authoring for those wishing to develop professional multimedia or web authoring skills using industry standard and open source web technologies.